Understanding the UK Tech Talent Landscape

In a recent interview discussing the results of CWJobs’ Confidence Index Survey, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin sat down, virtually, with Dominic Harvey, CWJobs, and Steve Ward, Universum, to discuss the latest trends and confidence in the tech talent market. Following an instantaneous, overnight disruption, the IT sector was cast into a spotlight of utmost importance and reliance in maintaining the world of work. This spotlight is being amplified as we move back into the new normal, putting additional demands on the sector as well as the teams trying to secure the best tech talent in the market.

CWJobs, the leading UK IT job board, ran their annual Confidence Index survey in the middle of the pandemic and although this has undoubtedly had an impact on the results, in some regards, it’s been a perfect time to identify what the confidence levels are in the UK tech sector. The purpose of this annual survey is to be able to offer interesting insight to employers to help them attract and retain a diverse pool of talent, as well as increase confidence and productivity in their current workforce.

Natasha, Steve and Dom were able to discuss some key focus areas for the IT sector based on the results of the survey and although the overall confidence in the sector is high, undoubtedly the world as we know it will change. Understandably, concerns such as Brexit & IR35 have been overridden by Covid-19 and although the survey shows that the market understands the next year will be a tough one to ride out, it’s also acutely aware that the dependency on technology and the intrinsic way that we operate will be more reliant on technology and therefore in a strong position to bounce back. This does, however, indicate that the demand for certain skills will increase and the so-called “war for tech talent” will be intensified.

Although many employers have refocused their sourcing and hiring skills, employers need to start looking at the mid-to-long-term prospects of the tech talent demands and how they can offer the security and assurances needed for their current workforce, as well as how to attract new talent. Undoubtedly, there will be a need for more investment in this sector and employers will need to fully assess the skills needed for their future workforce. One thing is clear: the way we work has changed, and although it’s not anything new or particularly innovative, it has been accelerated at an alarming rate. Employers need to refine their offerings to be able to attract, retain and secure the best talent in the market today.

Check out the video for some of the key highlights or for the full interview, tune into our podcast.


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