The Key to Creating Successful Employer Brand Ambassadors

The strength and value of a well-built employer brand is undeniable: it strengthens your proposition as an employer of choice and helps attract and retain the best talent in the market. Setting it up is just the start and unfortunately, many companies struggle to gain the momentum, interest and engagement needed to make the necessary impact.

The good news is that our friends over at SMRS, who are also an event partner and speaker at our June 2020 Employer Brand Virtual Conference are experts in this field and in this post they are able to share their secrets to success. Where companies have typically fallen down, SMRS have been able to successfully implement for their many clients an Ambassador strategy that has kept the initial buzz, excitement and engagement levels high, long after the initial launch. Here are some of their trade secrets…


At the time of creating your employer brand, you need to select, gain buy-in and use the employees who are willing and ready to become an ambassador. Make sure you set up your ambassadors for success; give them a purpose, a platform, a role and some clear expectations and tasks.

Ambassador Tools for Success:
  • Create an online space that is easily accessible. Somewhere ambassadors can share ideas and opinions but more importantly, get the guidance and support they will need
  • Have a plan: create an activity calendar for the upcoming year where the aim is to engage employees on different areas of your employer brand
  • Show your gratitude! As humans, we all crave and respond to recognition for hard work so a token of appreciation for their work will strengthen your bond and build trust and loyalty

Creating a clear and concise ambassador programme is key to Employer Brand success and by keeping the activity in one online space, it ensures the content is manageable, measurable and, most importantly, successful.

For more information on how to create a successful Employer Brand, take a look at the recent video presentation by Sarah Sturgess, SMRS and Andrew Paterson, LEGO, who spoke at our Employer Brand conference in June.


SMRS help organisations to change for the better. They deliver measurable impact where it matters most for employers; through far-reaching strategy, faultless activation and award-winning creativity.

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