Effectively Building Your International Talent Strategy

Last year saw a significant shift in the way we work. Following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, many enjoyed a returned sense of normality. But companies everywhere took the opportunity to revisit how their businesses operated. While some opted to go back to pre-pandemic office setups, many chose to embrace new ways of working.

Remote and hybrid models dominated news headlines. The Great Resignation left businesses scrambling for talent. And “work from anywhere” became a reality for many, not just a handful of digital nomads. So, where will 2023 take us? While the year ahead is marked with uncertainty, there are some key HR trends advice that can help to anchor your 2023 hiring plans.

In this webinar, we discussed everything you need to know about international hiring and to hit the ground running in Q2

Topics Discussed
  • What 2023 flexible work trends to watch out for including employee sentiment and the state of the current hiring market
  • How to access a global talent pool (and why this is important to stay ahead of the competition)
  • Easily avoidable mistakes employers make that hurt their long-term ability to retain remote employees
  • Top tips for mapping out your remote talent acquisition plan
  • What to consider in hiring globally (e.g. laws, taxes, skill hubs, timezones)
  • How to offer relevant benefits in new jurisdictions
  • How to attract the best candidates from all over the world
  • …and more!
Who Spoke
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Global employment partner Omnipresent provides client-focused, tech-enabled business solutions combined with personalized expertise to support hiring people globally. Businesses aiming to go global can hire and manage employees compliantly in more than 160 countries through the OmniPlatform, Omnipresent’s proprietary digital platform and SaaS product.

Companies can easily integrate HR administrative duties, including payroll, expenses, taxes, and benefits, to let their people focus on growing their business. As a fully remote company with no corporate headquarters, Omnipresent has grown from a small team of two to a global team of people distributed throughout 50+ countries since November 2019.


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