Your Technical Hiring Guide

How to Hire Tech Talent Using Best
Practices at Every Step of the Process

Hiring for technical roles isn’t an easy feat.

With potentially hundreds of applications per opening, the process of getting to the right candidate can be time-consuming and require certain tradeoffs.

To be successful, you have to move quickly and confidently through each step of the hiring process – understanding your needs, effectively engaging candidates, and efficiently managing team resources.

Although there’s no shortcut to knowing if an applicant is suitable for the job, there are some things you can do to develop a streamlined process that mitigates risk and builds hiring confidence. This ebook covers:

  • Posting effective, jargon-free job adverts
  • Sourcing software engineers
  • Screening and interviewing efficiently and fairly
  • Making the offer
  • Creating a seamless onboarding experience, especially for remote workers
  • The latest trends in technical hiring

Karat created the world’s first Interviewing Cloud to solve the multi-decade global shortage of software engineers. The Interviewing Cloud is an always-on, scalable, and consistent human + technology solution for conducting predictive, fair, and enjoyable technical interviews 24/7. Karat’s global network of Interview Engineers, unparalleled market intelligence, and purpose-built interviewing infrastructure opens the pipeline for engineering talent, limits pedigree bias, and provides access for underrepresented candidates. The fastest growing and largest enterprises such as Roblox, American Express, Intuit, Compass, and Wayfair trust Karat to expand hiring capacity, unlock developer time, and raise engineering quality so they can innovate and grow.

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