The Future of Early Careers’ Talent Assessment

Times are changing for Early Careers Recruitment. Academic success doesn’t guarantee expertise in the workplace and with the rising cost of higher education, young people are considering alternative routes to their careers. Early engagement is key, as well as an attraction campaign that is catered to the needs and interests of the younger generation.

At our Early Careers Virtual Conference, Della shows us that in the current COVID-19 world, where physical interactions are limited and the entire recruitment journey has moved online, only the most future-focused organisations will hire the best quality talent. As recruiting leaders, we need to think more broadly about how we assess, select and retain early career talent in our organisations.

Topics Discussed
  • How Early Careers programmes can create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce
  • How remote working is impacting Early Careers Recruitment
  • Communicating your Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition to the next generation of Talent
  • …and more!
Who Spoke


Principal Consultant

Aon’s Assessment Solutions provides clients with powerful tools and insights to help them make better talent decisions at every stage of the employee lifecycle. This includes pre-hire assessments, identifying future leaders, screening for digital skills and agility, and AI-enabled solutions. Aon’s Assessment Solutions undertakes 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages. 

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