How AI Is Reshaping the Landscape for Assessing Talent

Amidst a world already changed forever by digitisation, we stand on the precipice of the latest wave of change driven by Generative AI (Gen AI).

As roles evolve and AI helps with repetitive and formulaic tasks, the quintessentially human aspects of work such as collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking not only become paramount but also become the focal point of assessment in hiring processes.

Alongside this, Gen AI affords candidates much greater opportunities for help, and indeed cheating, when completing assessment. In talent acquisition, this gives us a great deal of change to manage both in what we need to look for in candidates, and how we maintain the integrity of decision-making in the face of Gen AI.

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  • Recognising and valuing uniquely human traits, irreplaceable by AI
  • Identifying risks and mitigations against AI cheating
  • How take a seamless, digital approach to assessments
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