How to hire graduate talent

To get great graduate talent through the door, you’ll need a great graduate hiring strategy. It’s purpose-led, laser-focused, and informed by an in-depth understanding of the role your graduates will play in the future of the organisation, as well as your visibility and reputation.

As with any strong TA strategy, it will speak to the priorities of its target audience in a way that truly resonates with them. To make sure your strategy hits the right notes, there’s some core insights you should have to hand:

What are our talent needs?

What can we offer graduates?

How and where can we engage with them?

If you’re ready to get started, Caraffi’s handy guide will help you lay the foundations for an outstanding graduate hiring strategy. It’s everything you need to make kick-starting the recruitment cycle a breeze, including:

  • A detailed channel analysis will help you find the best platforms for your audience.
  • A ready-made content plan with all the social media templates you’ll need to activate it
  • An in-depth guide to nailing graduate-focused content and messaging
  • All the questions you’ll need to answer to build your amazing attraction strategy

Download it now for free!


Caraffi equips TA Leaders with the data and insights to become more strategic and impactful and designs TA strategies that transform businesses into data-driven, purpose-led and inclusive employers of choice. Whether you’re new in role or in the midst of a transformation, Caraffi aims to elevate your capability, impact and reputation within your business and beyond.

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