Onboarding in 2021 and the Social Candidate Experience

More candidates means more applications – and more people to reject. Recruitment costs are increasing, but a candidate’s experience shouldn’t suffer as a result. It’s key to have the tools to ensure every candidate, successful or not, has a positive experience.

At our Candidate Experience Virtual Conference, Noel and Jenny shared valuable insights on the importance of onboarding as well as going through key case studies.

Topics Discussed
  • Why is experience-led onboarding so important?
  • What does great onboarding look like in 2021, and what impact has COVID had?
  • How can organisations build a social experience into their current onboarding process?
  • How technology can help
  • Key insights, ideas and examples from global and national Eli clients
  • …and more!
Who Spoke

Jenny Steele

Talent Attraction & Acquisition Manager Early Career

Noel Thomas

Co-founder & Creative Director

Eli is 100% about engagement. It creates a personalised, content-rich digital environment that new starters can explore in their own time and their own way. Technology that starts conversations, builds connections, embeds values, empowers line managers, automates process, manages tasks, and ultimately sets new starters up for success.

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