Bringing Candidate Engagement Full Circle – In it for the Long Haul

More candidates means more applications – and more people to reject. Recruitment costs are increasing, but a candidate’s experience shouldn’t suffer as a result. It’s key to have the tools to ensure every candidate, successful or not, has a positive experience.

Joining a talent pool/community requires a level of initial engagement varying from person to person. Engagement can quickly fade for various reasons – too much, not enough or irrelevant communication. While automation can provide a great starting point on the journey, soon, a deeper understanding of individuals is required to maintain high engagement levels. 

Topics Discussed
  • Talent Pooling – it’s quality over quantity 
  • First impressions are just that
  • When it comes to content, click-through rates can be deceiving 
  • Measuring levels of engagement
  • Give, give, give – caring counts
  • …and more!
Who Spoke

Gemma Parker

Candidate Engagement Specialist
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