What to ask in your Recruitment Experience Surveys

Your brand reputation is the world’s window into your organisation, and TA is at the forefront of that reputation.

Understanding candidate and hiring manager experience gives you comprehensive insight into the way your brand is perceived.

The recruitment process is your candidates’ first point of contact with your organisation. It has the power to shape their opinion of your organisation as an employee or a customer. When it comes to hiring managers, hearing their experiences and acting on their feedback can limit attrition and bolster the internal reputation of the TA team.

The quality of their experience could affect all areas of the business, so it’s crucial to get it right.

Here’s where RX surveys come in.

A great RX survey engages both hiring managers and candidates, providing you with quantifiable information on performance and them with the opportunity to feel heard and valued. Ultimately, both offering and learning from your survey will help to shape the perception of your brand, which is essential for long-term development.

So, what should that survey look like?

We’ve partnered with Caraffi to develop a guide to kick-start your survey, with all the top questions you should be asking both candidates and hiring managers throughout the recruitment process.

Get your free copy below!


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