Building a Great Candidate Experience

More candidates means more applications – and more people to reject. Recruitment costs are increasing, but a candidate’s experience shouldn’t suffer as a result. It’s key to have the tools to ensure every candidate, successful or not, has a positive experience.

At our Candidate Experience Virtual Conference, Neil and Nile shared their insights on building a strong foundation for a successful candidate experience with tech.

Topics Discussed
  • How best to communicate with your candidates, there are so many options, which come out top?
  • Talent pooling – invaluable for recruiters but can also be a key part of your candidate experience
  • Using tech to enhance your candidate experience
  • Getting back to ‘normal’ and combining virtual with face to face. As we start to get back into workplaces what are the elements of the changes you made due to Covid that you want to keep? What has helped to improve your candidate experience and what do you want to leave behind?
  • …and more!
Who Spoke

Neil Armstrong


Nile Zahran

IT Retail Product Manager

Tribepad is a specialist talent acquisition software provider, serving some of the UK’s best known organisations including the BBC, Tesco, and The Church of England. Tribepad’s Applicant Tracking System, Video Interviewing, Onboarding and Freelance Management solutions are used by more than 21 million people, in 15 languages worldwide.

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