The Cost of COVID – Effects on the Graduate Labour Market

We’ve never experienced a year like this before, but what is the impact in the short and long-term on the graduate market? Revealing the latest data and insight, Charlie dissects the relationship between higher education and the wider economy along with the demand for entry-level staff and graduate movement in the UK.

At our In-house Recruitment Live Virtual one-day conference and exhibition, Charlie Ball from Prospects, Jisc talks us through the latest insights – as a labour market expert, Charlie produces, analyses, interprets and disseminates labour market intelligence.

Topics Discussed
  • Are there any jobs for graduates?
  • If so what jobs are out there? Which industries? Which locations?
  • What are people expecting to happen next?
  • What will change as a result of COVID-19 for graduates and graduate job-seekers?
Who Spoke

Charlie Ball

Head of Higher Education Intelligence

From annual campaigns to quick and targeted exposure for an immediate vacancy, Prospects deliver exceptional products both online and on campus to meet your recruitment needs.

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