Webinar Replay: Tools For a Frictionless Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a make-or-break time for your candidates. Giving them the best onboarding experience possible will increase retention, candidate satisfaction, and high-quality work.

It’s the experience that really matters, so making the onboarding process a positive one will work hugely in your favour. Our speakers explained what exactly some of these tools are, notably: candidate screening, training your managers, and what tools & technology you can use to further enhance the process. We also heard live case studies detailing how these tools have successfully transformed pre-existing onboarding processes and escalated candidate satisfaction and success.

Watch our webinar with Experian where we covered the main tools you can implement in order to design the optimum onboarding process.

Speakers: Cherie Campbell and Maureen Bernard from Sky, and Matthew Brooks and Jamie Allan from Experian.

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