Webinar Replay: IR35, Off-Payroll and the Recruitment Supply Chain

The forthcoming changes to IR35 in the private sector have been a big topic of conversation for some time. It will undoubtedly remain so in the coming months as employers, agencies, and contractors get ready for the new rules due to come into effect on 6 April 2021.

While HMRC’s main objective is to combat tax avoidance by limited company contractors, the impact of these changes is expected to be far-reaching, from the top of the supply chain down to the bottom.

At our “IR35, Off-Payroll and the Recruitment Supply Chain” webinar, we heard from industry expert Chris James from FCSA, who showed us an easy-to-understand explanation of IR35 and off-payroll reforms, how it will affect the recruitment supply chain, and what the changes mean for employers of contractors who work through a limited company.

Topics discussed
  • The recruitment supply chain
  • How are employees taxed?
  • How are Limited Company contractors taxed?
  • IR35 and how it works
  • IR35 myths and what makes a contractor look like an employee?
  • Back to the supply chain – the off-payroll rules
  • The picture in 2017, now, and from April 2021
  • The impact on the recruitment supply chain of the changes
  • What should you do next?
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke?

Chris James

FCSA Chair and JSA Director of Accounting Services
Webinar Partner

Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA)

The FCSA is the UK’s leading membership body dedicated to raising standards and promoting supply chain compliance for the temporary labour market.

FCSA Accreditation is recognised as the industry’s compliance gold standard, awarded to umbrella employers, contractor accountants, and CIS payroll providers who can demonstrate the highest industry standards.

For end hirers, ensuring that your contractor workforce uses an accredited payroll service provider helps to mitigate risk and ensures your supply chain is as robust as it can be.


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