What is the Purpose & Structure of a Compliance/Risk Dept and Where Best to Find Relevant Staff

Whether you’re used to recruiting Compliance staff (including Anti Money Laundering, Data Privacy or Risk specialists) or completely new to it, hear from an Industry Expert with 30 years experience as to how & why these departments developed, what are the specialist roles within and how best to fill them, as well as unique factors re legal liability & offer complications which can make recruiting senior hires a minefield.

At our In-house Recruitment Live London one-day conference and exhibition, we were joined by David Symes who spoke on the purpose and structure of a compliance and risk department and where to find the relevant staff for these positions.

Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction on the development of compliance
  • Impact & Need in Different Sectors
  • Anti Money Laundering & Risk
  • C Suite & Corporate Responsibility/Personal Legal Liability thus Effect on Salary Levels
  • Where Best to Find Relevant Staff
  • Unique case study examples
Who Spoke

David Symes

Managing Director
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