Why Connection & Engagement Matters: The Importance of Creating Human Connection in Onboarding

Poor onboarding leads to new hires being twice as likely to seek another opportunity, with 43% of managers losing their new hire during the first month. During the current turbulent candidate market, and increased pressure on retaining talent, falling down at the last hurdle isn’t an option.

In this webinar, we discussed why creating engagement and connection during the onboarding process is vital to ensuring your new hire is a success.

Topics Discussed
  • How the role of connection takes center stage at every step of the employee journey
  • What business results can be created from connectedness
  • Why enabling connection can be so difficult
  • How to set managers up for success to carry your culture forward
  • How to establish connection during the onboarding process
  • … and much more!
Who Spoke
Event Partner

Enboarder creates better human connections in your organization, inviting engagement and building alignment along every step of the employee experience. Our Human Connection platform cuts through the noise of daily communications and elevates the things that matter most with interactive, actionable nudges. Leading global brands like McDonalds, Hugo Boss, ING, and Eventbrite use Enboarder to drive behaviour, spark joy, and nurture a culture of connection and belonging.

To learn more, visit enboarder.com.

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