Webinar Replay: Becoming a High Performing In-house Executive Search

Executive search recruitment requires a multi-faceted approach and a keen awareness of ongoing trends. The benefits which can be brought by having a thorough and effective succession planning strategy means that it is key to have a plan in place to drive innovation within your teams.

In this webinar with ESIX, we addressed how it is possible to become a high-performing in-house executive search team. One of the best ways of doing this is to look at top-performing teams and establish what’s working for them. Build your strategy around market data and use your awareness of the current trends to shape what you do. In doing this, you will find that the evolution of your succession planning aligns with that of the current climate. Check out the video below to view some of the top tips for enhancing executive search recruitment & the valuable insights shared by our speakers.

Who Spoke?

Simon Mullins

Chief Facilitator

Katie Charteris

Senior Executive Recruitment Consultant

Rebecca Foden

Head of Talent Acquisition & Executive Recruitment D&I & Talent
Webinar Partner

ESIX is a network of corporate talent officers advancing best practices in executive recruiting worldwide. They help their members to benchmark executive recruiting practices against that of leading corporations, select the right search consultants, and build an internal capability to recruit directly at the executive level.

ESIX is a service designed to assist boards of directors, line executives, and executive staffing directors in the process of “going outside” at senior levels.

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