Escaping the Experience Trap: A Practical Guide to Potential-based Hiring

At #IHRLeaders23, a range of talent acquisition professionals came together to share their leanings and experiences on strategic leadership.

Estelle McCartney, Chief Customer Officer at Arctic Shores, and Jon Turner, Head of the Siemens Electrification and Automation Business took to the stage to uncover more on hiring for potential. Watch the whole session below to learn more on:

  • Why it’s now critical to rely less on experience in the recruitment process
  • How potential-based hiring is can assist with overcoming the skills shortage, broadening talent pools and unlocking great talent
  • How to move from experience-centric hiring to hiring for potential
  • How to identify the right talent in broadening talent pools
  • The impact hiring for potential has had on Siemen’s candidate quality and recruitment process
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