Utilising Different Media Platforms to Boost Talent Attraction

2020 has brought with it a range of unique challenges, and certainly to the in-house recruitment sphere. We had the opportunity to speak with Peter Byrne from Google and delved into what some of these challenges are, and most importantly how it’s possible to combat them.

We partnered with Indeed to speak with some influential Talent Acquisition Teams, delving into some of the key challenges, opportunities and key trends to be aware of in 2020, specifically surrounding Talent Attraction, Retention, and Upskilling.

The very nature of talent acquisition is that it adapts to the needs of candidates. These vary depending on the individual, their background, as well as the landscape of recruitment itself. Recent times have brought extremely rapid amounts of change both to individuals and businesses alike, meaning the trends surrounding candidate attraction have also evolved at pace. However, it’s possible to make the transition of your TA strategy a smooth one by tuning into the key trends and taking a holistic approach to what can be done.

Ask yourself: which media platforms might be beneficial to you in different ways? Platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and so forth serve as excellent advertising spaces depending on who you want to reach out to. There are many new and innovative ways to heighten talent attraction; using video, utilising social media, and all have different strengths. You just need to be aware of the trends to essentially know the who (which generation or group of people?), what (what sort of roles are you recruiting for?), and where (which platform should you use?) of talent acquisition. What ties this all together is having a consistent message, while this will be tailored depending on the generation or group of people you are trying to communicate your message to, the fundamental tone and values should be consistent and in-keeping with your company brand.

For more on these topics, make sure you listen to our full podcast!


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