Three Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process & Candidate Experience

Is it possible to make your hiring process more efficient but keep candidate experience at the heart of your approach? We believe it is…

Automation is an obvious solution but is often thought to be at the detriment to a positive candidate experience. With 79% of in-house recruiters are expecting their delivery targets to increase over the next three years, it’s no wonder that HRDs are looking at ways they can make the recruitment process simpler and quicker for their teams to manage. Here we review how introducing efficiencies for your team can actually create a better candidate experience.

1. Personalisation When Connecting at Scale

When you’re dealing with high volumes of applications, how can you ensure your candidates get the chance to ask your team questions without these multiple conversations taking up all of their working day? Live virtual events enable you to communicate with multiple candidates at once.

Take a look at this video which shows how Rolls-Royce used live virtual events to connect with a diverse audience and the amazing results they achieved.

2. Chatbots Can Trump People

Yodel’s introduction of a screening chatbot for its driver roles has not only had a huge impact on enabling the recruitment team to manage their time more efficiently (by not having to call upwards of 2,000 applicants a month), but it has also clearly shown that delivering a great candidate experience doesn’t necessarily fit into a 9 to 5 working day.

On average, 51% of candidates completed the bot interview during standard office hours but 49% completed it outside of these hours.

And if validation were required to show that the candidate experience has only been enriched by replacing a human call with an automated bot, then the 97% positive feedback shows that it has.

3. Automating the Onboarding Journey

Candidates have more options than ever so it’s crucial to keep connected right the way through the hiring journey – and that includes onboarding.

We describe the onboarding phase as from the point of offer to 90 or 120 days post-start. Getting this part of the journey right can provide some hard business benefits:

  • Reducing expensive reneges / drop-outs before day one
  • Helping candidates to become work-ready and able to create more impact from the start
  • By automating the process, employers are reducing inbound enquiries from candidates
    and sharing information in a consistent (and compliant) way

Meet & Engage is a suite of Conversational Recruiting Technology with a mission to make it easier for employers to connect with candidates at every stage of the hiring process – from attraction, to selection, to onboarding. Our solutions include live virtual events, engaging nurture journeys & an onboarding tool plus chatbot technology.

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