[Podcast] The Shift in Video Interviewing: Past, Present and the Future

Video Interviewing has seen varied amounts of success over its years, some organisations benefitting hugely, and others, not so much. But since the world has been forced into a virtual setting with most communication taking place over video, recruitment has followed suit, somewhat out of necessity.

However, the challenges that once befell candidate uptake, are now benefits and the ever-improving technology is moving video interviewing into more reliable, preferred method of assessing candidates.

In this podcast, we sat down with Andrew “Woody” Wood, from Willo to discuss the current view of Video Interviewing and how the shift to a virtual world has impacted.

Topics Discussed:

  • Changed perceptions and uptake of Video Interviewing
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Asynchronous vs synchronous benefits
  • Lessons learnt and best practice guidelines
  • What might the future hold
  • …and much more!

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