Implementing a Fair Global Hiring Process while Driving Down Technology Costs

Recruiting globally can be challenging when dealing with multiple local territories, tens of thousands of applicants, and a variety of talent technology.

So how can you implement a fair hiring process across the globe, while keeping technology costs down? This case study by Sova highlights how they enabled Vodafone to:

  • Reduce over 60 pre-hire assessments and tools into one unified platform
  • Assess over 65,000 candidates, with 74% of them finding it engaging
  • Improve their employer brand
  • Enable their hiring teams to focus on higher-value activities
  • Use automation to reduce time spent on admin

Sova is an Assessment Experience Platform that streamlines how organisations assess talent.

They enable companies to hire and develop the best and most diverse talent, while saving time and cost, to deliver more for less.

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