Discussing Future Trends in Public Sector Recruitment

As the public sector continues to struggle with shrinking talent pools, our upcoming breakfast event will look at how recruiters can plan ahead to attract the very best talent in a competitive market.

But before we get ready for a day of inspiring case studies and productive discussions, here’s a taste of what you can expect to hear at the event.

We caught up with speakers Fraser Chapman from Jobsgopublic and Wyn Jones from the award-winning recruitment team at Leeds Teaching Hospitals to pick their brains a bit about the most pressing issues in public sector recruitment.

1. What is the biggest challenge faced by public sector recruiters today?

Fraser: One of the key challenges facing public sector employers is standing out in a crowded market, whilst competing for the best candidates in often shrinking talent pools. This is especially true in disciplines such as teaching and social care where fewer candidates are entering these fields and increasing numbers are leaving them. This means that the candidates have more choice than ever before.

Wyn: For my team it is the level of complexity of roles, labour markets and sheer volume of recruitment we face and how we respond.  How we support managers attract quality candidates to our various posts in a financially challenged sector is important.  We are aware that we are in competition for staff and yet there is expectation of working in collaboration with different employers, against a backdrop of shortages for some staff groups and changes in roles within the Trust, e.g. apprenticeships.

2. What do you think public sector employers can do to make themselves more attractive to candidates? Do you use any of these strategies in your organisation?

Fraser: Employer brand continues to play a crucial part when it comes to employers standing out from their competitors and attracting top talent. Building a brand that candidates not only recognise but also trust can be critical when it comes to convincing candidates to choose one employer over another.  At Jobsgopublic, we have helped a wide range of public sector employers develop their employer brand through branded career and campaign sites and multi-platform advertising. These all support continuing growth in brand awareness and provide a platform for these employers to build trust with candidates.

Wyn: We need to think about targeting our recruitment approaches; Using different channels and being innovative in our approach to different recruitment requirements. This is against a risk averse culture within the NHS, with close scrutiny from different bodies.  As a service we want to develop our offer to the Trust to be more supportive and creative in the way we recruit.

3. What can we expect to learn from your talk in two weeks?

Fraser: An understanding of current and future recruitment trends can make all the difference when it comes to securing the best talent. Our talk will cover the key trends making the biggest impact on the UK recruitment market today and what actions you can take immediately to get ahead. We’ll also take a look ahead at what we believe will be the trends of tomorrow, allowing you to be best placed to take full advantage of what’s coming.

Wyn: The main focus will be how the Resourcing team has developed over the past three years, including the merger of three separate teams, the implementation of our bespoke careers site and on-boarding systems, applying lean principles to our work and where we are going next.  Within this I will touch on our approach across health and care to collaborative workforce issues.

We do not have all the answers and are still learning and developing, so part of the reason for attending is to hear what others are doing and see what else we can do.

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