A Fresh Perspective –Rethinking Recruitment Practices To Attract Gen Z Talent

On the 24th March, we hosted our annual Early Careers Conference where our expert speaker lineup shared multitudes of valuable insights and knowledge to drive your Early Careers Strategy forward.

By 2030 Gen Z will equate to 30% of the working population. As employers recognise the radical differences between Gen Z and Millennials, talent leaders are faced with the challenge of adapting recruitment practices to meet the expectations of this new generation of employees.

In this session, Jess Heap & Nicky Garcea discussed how employers are innovating to engage Gen Z talent, the impact they’re seeing and views on how these strategies will evolve in the future.

Topics Discussed
  • How digital natives value a transparent culture
  • How to be seen as an employer committed to tackling societal challenges
  • Providing authentic insight into company culture and a demonstrable commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Practical tips on personalising the recruitment process for candidates and insight from Cappfinity’s latest research
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