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Recruiting the wrong candidates could be detrimental to the business, resulting in fines, damaged reputation, antisocial behavior and increased staff churn. Fortunately, advances in background screening automation are making it possible for recruiters to minimise these risks.

In addition to reducing time to hire and helping you avoid bad hires, an automated screening process is a great opportunity to promote your employer brand to new hires and provide them with an overall smoother and quicker recruitment experience, resulting in better retention rates.

In this webinar, ran in partnership with Access Screening, we learned how to streamline our background screening process. We looked at how we can address common screening challenges and how automated technology can benefit our business, bottom line and time to hire.

To find out more, check out the webinar slide deck below. For further information on how to implement a successful screening process, check out Access Screening’s resource library.

Who Spoke

Adam Lindsay,

Business Development Manager

Event Partner


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