The Ultimate Guide to TA Metrics

How do you demonstrate the impact of your TA strategies? How do you set better expectations with your hiring managers? How do you know what’s working, and what’s not?

The only answer is data.

Our partners at Caraffi have created the ultimate guide to TA metrics, that breaks down all the different metrics you need to measure and helps you understand the insights these metrics will give you. Download now to learn more about:

  • The 5 TA reports you need to generate
  • The metrics you need to measure TA’s performance in each of these reports
  • How to calculate these metrics
  • How to use these metrics to have better conversations with your stakeholders

Interested in learning more about creating standardised TA benchmarks? Join us on November 2nd in London for a breakfast workshop on how you can do just that!


Caraffi equips TA Leaders with the data and insights to become more strategic and impactful and designs TA strategies that transform businesses into data-driven, purpose-led and inclusive employers of choice. Whether you’re new in role or in the midst of a transformation, Caraffi aims to elevate your capability, impact and reputation within your business and beyond.

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