Help to Create Standardised Performance Benchmarks for TA

How does your TA performance compare the UK market average?

We’ve partnered with Caraffi on a mission to provide our community with benchmarks for TA performance.

We’ve produced a dashboard that will help you have conversations with your stakeholders like:

  • “We’re hiring quicker than 75% of the businesses in the UK”
  • “Our team’s CV submission to interview rate is 25% above the market average”
  • “Our competitors are approving roles 5 days before we do, so we need a better approval process.”

The vision for this project is to provide this community with a place where you can go to scientifically benchmark your team’s performance.

But we can’t do this without you. We’re asking you to pledge to submit your own data to help us make these benchmarks as accurate as possible.

Ready to pledge? Sign up below.


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