HR & Talent Trends Unveiled: A Sova-Raconteur Collaborative Report

In the realm of HR and Talent, where innovation meets strategy, Sova and Raconteur have collaborated to bring you an unmissable report to navigate the ever-evolving HR landscape.

Dive into latest trends and news you can’t afford to miss:

  • Fire and rehire: What the new rules mean for HR
  • The new school of thought on talent assessment is data-first
  • Why your firm could benefit from a ‘Nudge Unit’
  • Musical chairs, anyone? How to boost internal mobility
  • Employer branding: What matters most to staff?
  • Lessons from big tech’s brutal layoffs

Sova is an Assessment Experience Platform that streamlines how your organisation assesses talent. Sova helps you hire and develop the best and most diverse talent, while saving time and cost, so you can deliver more for less.

Category Trends and Insights
Content Type Report
Contributor Sova