How to get recruitment right for the people who matter most

How do you get recruitment right for those people who matter most?

Of course, the people who matter most are the ones you want to hire – but so do all of your competitors.

Chatter Communications has drilled down into data from an independent survey of 2,000 employees across a wide range of industries and demographics to find the trends. For insight, advice and top tips, download the full report FREE to learn more on:

  • How do you find out what matters most to your candidates?
  • Where are the weak points in the recruitment process?
  • How much of an impact does official recruitment activity have vs unofficial influences?
  • Where are people searching for jobs and does it vary by age, gender or sector?
  • What are the most powerful tools available to make sure you’re top of the list for jobhunters?
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As one of the UK’s most experienced employer branding experts, Chatter build incredible insight into the way businesses engage their talent. We take on every people challenge with care, passion and skill. And we deliver the very best client experience in the industry.

We call it making people matter.

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