Showcasing Company Culture for Brand Success

Potential candidates are looking to employers, now more than ever, in how their culture and employees are valued. And with a rising number of channels where this can be expressed, authentically, your employer brand and the messaging put across is increasingly being examined by candidates and employees.

At our Improving Your Employer Brand by Leveraging Company Culture virtual event, we heard from expert in their field, Kate Siddiqui, of AB InBev, talked us through some of the steps they take to provide a consistent message to help become an employer of choice.

Topics Discussed
  • How to define and understand your company culture
  • Effective channels and content to showcase your culture
  • Creating and amplifying media partnerships
  • Top tips for getting things done!
Who Spoke

Kate Siddiqui

Employer Brand & Digital Content Manager
Event Partner

Welcome to the Jungle helps companies to hire the right talent, by creating and promoting their employer brand, their values, their work environment. Everything that makes them unique in a more and more competitive job market.

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