How to Improve Your Employer Brand

In these strange times, where working from home is the new normal, companies have looked to reduce their employer brand activities, resulting in a huge potential loss in attracting future talent. Although it might be more of a challenge to bring your company culture and employer brand to life, being able to showcase a genuinely strong company culture can make an immeasurable difference in your talent strategy.

At our Improving Your Employer Brand by Leveraging Company Culture virtual event, we heard from experts in their field, Jérémy Cledat and Laetitia Vitaud who shared their valuable insight.

Topics Discussed
  • What is employer branding and why we’re passionate about it
  • Leveraging your employees, it belongs to them after all!
  • The first (and best) way to improve your employer brand is to treat your people well
  • Support and leverage an alumni network for better recruiting
  • Q&A
Who Spoke

Jérémy Clédat


Laetitia Vitaud

B2B Content Editor

Kate Siddiqui

Employer Brand & Digital Content Manager
Event Partner

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