How an Attractive Benefits Package Can Promote Diversity

Benefits are no longer just an optional add-on to a job description.

In today’s world of rising costs and economic uncertainty, they have become essential for jobseekers who are looking for a new opportunity. If you want to attract a diverse range of candidates to your organisation, it’s crucial to consider how benefits you offer can impact their decision to apply.

But with so many different demographics to consider, it can be hard to know what benefits will be most valued by each group.

At #MCRLive23, Customer Success Team Leader at, Jo Lumb, provided valuable insights on the benefits that are most important to different groups of jobseekers. If you missed her session, watch the full session below, where Jo will uncover more on:

  • UK jobs market update
  • What do jobseekers really want?
  • Workplace benefits and their impact on diversity
  • The role of flexibility
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