Future Proofing Your Recruitment with a Blended Talent Team

Leading organisations are now turning to the blended workforce model, integrating committed internal staff with external talent, to address and overcome the prevailing talent shortage.

At London Live 2023, our panel discussion hosted by Rex Husling, Co-founder and Director at The Rec Hub welcomed Virginia Tirado, former HR and Talent Executive at Zalando; Parul Singh, Recruitment Marketing Partner at xDesign; and Maria Linage Munoz, Director of People and Talent at Alteos, who delved deep into future-proofing your talent acquisition team with a blended approach.

The session uncovered more on:

  • The blended talent team approach for future-proofing talent acquisition
  • The impact of a strong employer brand and the importance of community engagement
  • Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment to attract diverse candidates
  • and much more!

If you missed this, you can now watch it below.

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