Bright Network: A Data-Driven Attraction Strategy to Hire Diverse Talent

With a huge number of recruitment technologies and service providers in the market, it can often be overwhelming for recruitment teams to choose the right vendor for your business.

At our Supplier Showcase Virtual Conference, Johnson shows us how implementing recruitment technology and data can help you attract a more diverse talent pool.

Topics Discussed
  • Pinpointing exactly who you need to attract based on unique demographic and engagement data
  • Complete transparency and control over your campaign performance
  • Easily identify your campaign success and ROI with a click of a button
  • …and more!
Who Spoke


Senior Growth Manager

Bright Network is the UK’s largest careers network that uses proprietary data and technology to connect its 400k+ members with over 250+ employers including Google, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, PwC and Bain & Company.

Bright Network partner firms find the talent they need to grow their businesses and help students from diverse backgrounds fulfil their potential.

Over the last decade, the network’s unique member model provides the UK’s best and brightest graduates, with the highest quality careers advice and support through a digital platform, dynamic events and personalized advice one-on-one advice.

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