How AI Is Impacting the Recruitment Process

Hiring the right person for a role at your company is as important as not hiring the wrong person. In such a competitive job market, it’s of the utmost importance to have a cost-effective recruitment model which allows you to secure the best talent for your organisation. Thus, with new technology popping up every minute, companies cannot afford to keep running manual recruitment processes at the cost of their own businesses success.

Recruitment activities are traditionally overwhelming for recruiters who need to carry many tasks and manage many processes at once. Hence, artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming essential for searching, screening and hiring the right candidate. With AI and automation, companies can collect, sort, and analyse high-volume candidate information. Moreover, adopting such innovations definitely impacts and transforms a company’s employer brand, strengthening its ability to attract the most talented candidates.

In response to the scepticism around “machines” taking recruiter’s roles, skeeled has created an ebook to show how automated decision-making can not only bring efficiency and fairness to the recruitment process but also enhance the candidate experience.

Download the ebook to discover:
  • Learnings from skeeled’s journey to AI
  • What is AI and how does it work in recruitment
  • The top benefits of AI
  • AI based recruitment tools
  • …and more!

skeeled helps companies hire the right people faster with predictive talent acquisition software. Our mission is to bring to the job market the most modern and innovative hiring process with a new approach towards how candidates apply and how recruiters can be supported.

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