The Complete Employee Journey

As organisations and business leaders are adapting to the new world of work, we will increasingly see a shift in mindset and employment structures resulting in a rise of employees changing roles to gain additional skillsets. With this change in structure will come a need to manage the employee experience with a heightened sense of strategy and proactiveness: these transitions can directly impact business success and the experience you’re providing, from interview, to employment, to alumni has never been so important.

Based on recent insight, SilkRoad Technology, has produced a short whitepaper that explores both technology and human-driven best practices to create “moments that matter” at critical junctures in the employment lifecycle, including onboarding, cross-boarding and offboarding.

Download the whitepaper to discover:
  • Creating a seamless transition from recruitment to onboarding
  • The increasing importance of cross-boarding in re-engaging and re-deploying high performers
  • Ways to deliver a better employee to alumni status
  • The role technology can play in enabling improved employee movement

SilkRoad Technology’s software and services platform helps clients attract, retain and align people to their business. Their solutions start with Global Client Services to provide strategic HR and business expertise. SilkRoad Technology then designs secure solutions tailored to business requirements at scale for global companies. They deliver personalized experiences for employees to drive engagement across the employment lifecycle and enable measurable and better business outcomes.

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