Becoming an Effective In-house Executive Search Team

Executive Search is often perceived as being something which necessitates it being given to specialist consultancies.

It is usually only used for the most senior roles, thereby making it also the most expensive method of recruiting for certain roles. But It doesn’t have to be like this, it can be managed in-house and it’s not as intimidating as you might think it is.

In this webinar we uncovered how to successfully undertake your own proactive searches, save thousands from your very first search, and use proactive recruitment for mid-level as well as senior roles.

Topics Discussed
  • How to thoroughly ‘map a market’ to target the best in the market
  • How to effectively use referrals & value added networking
  • Understanding how to acquire accurate, verified and thorough research, and significantly cut costs
  • Ensuring success on your initial approach calls to potential passive job seekers
  • How to prepare for counter offers or “buy backs”
  • … and much more!
Who Spoke
Event Partner

Glover Daniels International is a British-owned and managed research business based in Sri Lanka. Working in dedicated project teams of 4 enables us to deliver 1st class results, quickly and very cost-effectively. We are trusted by many global corporations and recruitment businesses worldwide to support their very diverse research requirements.

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