Empowering Talent Acquisition; Effortlessly manage your Hiring Managers

How often do you find yourself managing hiring manager expectations? Frustrated by their lack of understanding as to the market, salary expectations and availability of the top tier candidates? You’re not alone!

In this webinar, we unlocked the key to developing talent acquisition professionals with the skills and techniques necessary to extract accurate and comprehensive job information from hiring managers. No more reviewing job descriptions, or misunderstanding the core parts of the role, we’ll tool you up on how to gain a deep understanding of the role, and upleveling all of the hiring work that goes around it.

Topics Discussed
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration between talent acquisition and hiring managers
  • A deep dive into the role from the HM perspective
  • How to use data insights and cutting-edge research to collaborate
  • Effective ways to streamline the recruitment process, attract better-fit candidates, and minimize the need for revisions and rework
  • Increasing hiring velocity whilst maintaining quality hiring
  • … and much more!
Who Spoke
Event Partner

Readyingrecruiters is a company, on a mission to elevate your internal acquisition team to global standards by delivering engaging training and development based on 8 core programmes. These core programmes will provide your recruiters with the up to date tactical, practical and data driven insights to create a fantastic candidate and HM experience.

We equip your internal recruiters with the knowledge and human behaviour adaptations to seamlessly recruit in any market across any discipline, increasing hiring velocity for both TTH and TTF.

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