[Podcast] Weaving IR35 Reform into Your Talent Strategy

Preparation for the upcoming changes to IR35 should be well underway for any business using a contractor workforce, but when it comes into effect, it’s not the end of the line for the preparations. Employers undoubtedly need to find a way to weave IR35 into their everyday talent management strategy post-implementation to ensure they are keeping up with the needs of the business whilst also being compliant with the new legislation. IHR’s Natasha Preocanin sat down with expert Paul Lloyd of Brookson Legal to discuss everything there is to know about the new reform!

Topics Discussed:

  • Supply chain risks and liability
  • Tools and technologies
  • The risks and rewards of agency use
  • Importance of working closely with your supply chain
  • Creating an environment of clear communication
  • Statement of Work – and when it isn’t one
  • Picking the right solution for IR35

Take a listen to the full podcast or watch the highlights video for some of the key highlights!

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Brookson Legal is an SRA regulated law firm that provides a range of IR35 solutions to the flexible working supply chain.

Part of the Brookson Group, they have been supporting hirers, agencies and contractors with IR35 for over 20 years, carrying out thousands of employment status assessments each year.


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