Adapting Your Hiring Strategy for IR35 Changes

The implementation of IR35 in April 2021 isn’t the end of the journey, in fact for “business as usual”, it’s just the beginning. For all organisations with a contractor workforce, the supply chain is paramount to projects’ effectiveness and compliance with IR35. With a number of considerations and actions for end-hirers to action before this date, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin sat down with expert Paul LLoyd of Brookson Legal to help guide you on how to ensure your supply chain and talent strategy is ready post-April.

Brookson Legal, specialists in the very latest HMRC rules, regulations, and proposed legislation have been looking after clients’ needs since the introduction of IR35 back in 2000 and the latest reforms being pushed out to private companies has meant that organisations need to fully understand the impact the reform has on the supply chain and the everyday management of the talent strategy after it comes into effect next year. In the highlights video above, Natasha and Paul discuss the key considerations all employers need to be aware of.

Really think about getting the processes, policies and procedures correct from the get-go: how does it align with your talent strategy from processes, to status determination to technology as well”

For employers, the most important factor to consider is how to weave the necessary status decisions into the business and hiring processes.  The factors to consider are when to use a contractor, how to determine their status, and whether to consider the increasingly popular statement of work route. Before the legislation comes into place, organisations have a number of processes and policies to review, and the same can be said for the supply chain overall.

More than anything IR35 is about communication, education, and documentation, and whilst the use of external agencies can mitigate some of the risks for you, the responsibility lies with you in ensuring the due diligence and compliance are met, or run the risk of transfer of debt liability.

With the reform coming into place in just under six months, make sure you’re prepared for what needs to be done both before the date and after!

Check out the video for some of the key highlights or for the full interview, tune into our podcast!


Brookson Legal is an SRA regulated law firm that provides a range of IR35 solutions to the flexible working supply chain.

Part of the Brookson Group, they have been supporting hirers, agencies and contractors with IR35 for over 20 years, carrying out thousands of employment status assessments each year.

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