Top 10 Tips to Achieve Success in Tech Employer Branding

Employer Branding is so important in the tech market and perhaps more so than other sectors.  The reason being is that there is a growing skills gap within the digital and tech sectors. Hence attracting relevant candidates can often be harder and cost per acquisition higher as a result. The attractiveness of contracting also means that skilled candidates can move outside of the perm job market.

Therefore alongside tactical activity it is important to position and promote your brand in the right way to enhance your attraction campaigns, build a talent pool and create an aspirational brand.

Employer branding is a long-term investment. Myopic thinking is a longer-term threat. Positioning your brand creates longevity and perceptions that are hard to measure but your audience. Job boards are the best way of giving you candidate volume over time and promoting your brand – whilst targeting a relevant audience.

Tech candidates are King (or Queen) and you need to sell your company so that you are in a position to accept or reject a candidate… not the other way around. Perceptions, Aspirations and Brand positioning are difficult to influence through job posting alone or CPC.

Anthony Sherick, Managing Director at IT and technical job site Technojobs, gives his top 10 tips to help tech employers use their aspirational brand to hire better talent.

1. Content Strategy

Start to build out an editorial personality. Make sure your channel strategy is putting content in the right places.

2. Mobile Strategy

No point spending money on awesome online assets which will be viewed negatively via a mobile or tablet device.

3. Social Strategy

Aspirational content on your social channels will inspire candidates to apply to your company.

4. Make It Visual

People remember images six times easier than text.

5. Engage and Build Excitement

Your talent attraction assets should be something that is helping to elicit an emotional response, internally and externally.

6. Diversity Leads to Innovation

Employer branding and attraction should reach a diverse talent pool such as

7. Manage Online Presence

Truth and authenticity are always the best policy so that the employee experience matches the attraction.

8. Tell Your Story

Showcase your successes and your company aspirations. Use employee case studies. Bring this to life through content and video.

9. Measure Results

When it comes to employer branding, tracking your engagement rate is really important. A main goal of employer branding is to increase awareness of you as an employer.

10. Existing Tech Staff

Existing tech staff are likely to be your biggest brand ambassadors. Referral hires are often the best quality hires so give techies what they want!


To find out more about how to develop your key employer branding strategies, read Anthony’s full guide right here.  Technojobs will join us at the In-house Recruitment Employer Branding Conference on 21 June 2018 so be sure to pop by their stand to find out more about how they can help you build an appropriate employer profile to a very relevant audience.

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