Tossing the Rulebook Up in the Air – Hiring Hacks for 2018

On the morning of 28th June 2018, the In-house Recruitment Network will host its first ever workshop breakfast, inviting 50 in-house recruiters to toss the rulebook up in the air and challenge conventional perceptions of recruitment.

Experts from 3 industry-leading brands will introduce us to simple but highly effective hacks that will promise to revolutionise our current recruitment forecasting, talent attraction and onboarding processes. By deconstructing existing processes, our audience can benefit from tailored, tangible solutions that they can take back to the office and implement straight away.

“This is not your typical event with a lot of listening and less doing. We won’t be roadmapping anything,” says Stan Wasowicz, Global Business Development Manager at VONQ. “We will put every delegate to work to see how far they can get in creating a starting point.”

Step 1: Forecasting

The event will kick off with an introduction to recruitment forecasting and workforce planning best practice, as Danny Hodgson and Kraig Payne will address recruiters’ reactive resourcing tendencies.

“The whole issue with corporate recruitment is that it’s fundamentally broken, but there is an opportunity to plan. The more information you can gather about your capabilities, the more time you can buy yourself to know what’s coming up and everything can be more objectively planned,” says Kraig.

“We’ve run similar workshops before and every time the coaching was tailored to each individual company. It’s great to see how people’s minds open up because they get out of that daily grind and allow themselves to think more laterally. That’s where some of the best ideas come from,” Danny adds.

Step 2: Attraction

Once the forecasting groundwork is laid, VONQ together with Simon Rutter, Global Strategic Employer Branding Director at Takeda, will take over the workshop to coach us on delivering a successful and engaging EVP.

“Recruitment marketing is so intuitive. We will look at the data that can help you strategise who you want to attract and how to do it best. You need to measure every interaction you have and structure a story that starts on an awareness level and ends on a certain action you want your audience to take,” says Stan.

“We will also explore the potential of data to support your conversations with Hiring Managers,” Simon adds. “One of the things that talent teams need to get smarter at is asking better questions and being more strategic with their managers.”

Step 3: Onboarding

The final stage of the workshop will be run by Dutch onboarding experts from Appical, as they will showcase how employers can keep new hires happy and engaged in the workplace.

“Within their first six months, 80% of new hires will decide if they want to commit to you long term,” says Sweder de Bruijn, Head of Customer Success at Appical. “You will find them at their highest level of motivation and determination during this time so you need a consistent onboarding plan to integrate them well with the company and role.”

Participants can also expect to exchange stories and experiences of their onboarding strategies through custom-designed gamification by Appical.

“We want to push the envelope and challenge preconceptions, so not one person walking into this event will have the answer,” says Kraig. Be prepared to speak up, listen and bounce ideas off each other.

Chaired by #ChatTalent Editor and industry influencer Alan Walker, our Hiring Hacks breakfast promises an action-packed morning of brainstorming and games, at the end of which you will walk back to your office ready to make positive change happen.

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