Quick-Fire Chats with 11:FS: Understanding the Importance of Diversity in Attracting Tech Talent

Industry reports show that while 60% of technical roles in the UK are filled by white people, a mere 1-2% are filled by black people. Another recent study by the British Computer Society (BCS) found that just 17% of technical roles in the UK are filled by women.

Current diversity strategies are failing to live up to the expectations of candidates and employers. How can you create an effective and credible approach to recruitment to attract a broader set of technical talent?

Introducing Sophie Theen, Head of HR and Talent at 11:FS – a challenger consultancy that builds next generation digital propositions for some of the biggest banks in the world. Her aim? To shift cultural paradigms during hyper growth stages in organisations and champion diversity and equality using structured, disruptive thinking.

Sophie joins our world-class keynote line-up for In-house Recruitment LIVE! London on 4th September 2018 and will share some compelling insights into the importance of understanding diversity in attracting tech talent. Ahead of her presentation, we sat down with Sophie to dive into the mindset of a pioneering industry disputer.

For your chance to hear Sophie’s story in full, you can register for free here but be quick, as spaces are limited!

As a keynote speaker at In-house Recruitment LIVE! why can’t attendees afford to miss your presentation? What should they expect to learn from you on the day?

My passion is in work equality, and those who share the same should be able to come away with a reconstructed view of how the Talent & Culture team in a company contributes to driving closer to equality. This starts with orchestrating a sustainable culture focused on diversity and inclusion. You want to be an inclusive leader to encourage this movement because it’s a top down approach that’s most effective.

What drew you to this issue of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace?

I have been lucky enough to have always been immersed positively in industries where either one side of gender, background, colour is heavier and so when I was given the opportunity to lead organisations to do so, I had to play my part to pay it forward. My goal is to create the safe haven for all types of employees to be in the job they love, not just because they are limited by whoever they are.

Why do you think gender is prioritised over other underrepresented categories to tackle first? Should each diversity category be tackled individually?

I think it’s because the gender gap is more obvious that the others, for instance, you can walk into a conference/company/social event and immediately see the difference in gender gap, but a lot of analysis, disclosure and transparency is needed to reveal say, gender pay gap and more. Thus, it had become more of a main focus right now, but I believe it’s also an easier win for most companies. Think about it, easier and more obvious wins give you the motivation to push on and close the other diversity gaps.

What was the proudest moment so far in your current career? Can you share a specific story that rewarded you?

Because of how I’ve moved around to do different roles in my career, I think each and every one of them are unique in their own ways. When I moved from being an engineer to recruiting engineers, it had given me a competitive edge by being able to understand the requirements inside out. So did moving from recruitment to building out an employer brand for a start-up, as it gave me an understanding on the market/talent perception of the company.

But I couldn’t have done this without being actually passionate about what I do, what I thrive to achieve. I think being honest in my goals and achieving them alongside talented, honest, supportive people has been my proudest achievement so far both in my professional and personal life.

Don’t miss Sophie’s keynote presentation “Importance of Understanding Diversity in Attracting Tech Talent” at In-house Recruitment LIVE! London 2018.

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