Seamless Integrations and Tech Stack Guide

Achieving a Seamless ATS Integration and Tech Stack Guide

Integrations are arguably the most important aspect of any tech stack, particularly when it comes to a seamless user experience and the protection of employee and candidate data. Because Greenhouse offers 335+ integrations, our customer base is a great resource for discovering which tech integrations are right for your HR tech stack. Read our integration partner ecosystem guide to determine which ones will best support your specific business needs.

Topics Covered:
  • Identifying your challenges
  • Create and Prioritize your tech wishlist
  • Exploring providers and determine where pre-built integrations exist
  • Strategically plan to develop your TA tech stack over time

Seamless Integrations and Tech Stack Guide


Greenhouse is the hiring software company. More than an ATS, we help businesses become great at hiring through our powerful hiring approach, complete suite of software and services, Hiring Maturity methodology and large partner ecosystem – so businesses can hire for what’s next.

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