Building a Business Case for Talent Technology

Let’s not beat about the bush: these are difficult times

The costs of doing business are soaring, and practically every organisation faces major margin pressure. But flourishing in times of uncertainty means protecting business-critical functions, including recruitment.

Today’s biggest recruitment challenges aren’t going away any time soon, and great people are as critical to performance as ever. While it may be tough to secure buy in for new talent tech, there are cutting-edge organisations out there with tools worth investing in.

But how can you make a compelling business case for them? Check out this latest step-by-step guide, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Align recruitment technology to business goals
  • Show why better recruitment needs better tech
  • Identify and speak to key stakeholders’ priorities
  • Dig into benefits, not just features
  • Show why not investing hurts
  • Make the case for your chosen provider
  • Show what happens next

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