KPIs to Make Hiring Your Strategic Business Advantage

In the past several years, the traditional functions of HR have undergone tremendous change due to technological advancements and an increasing emphasis on creating people-focused workplaces. Today, winning companies make sure HR has a seat at the table, meaning their people strategy is interwoven with and considered part of their business strategy.

With so much attention on attracting and retaining the right people, talent acquisition (TA) teams, in particular, have transformed from being reactive to proactive, and administrative to strategic, while embracing a metrics-driven approach. On top of that, TA teams have been learning how to create and uphold a hiring approach that engages an increasingly diversified and distributed workforce. Companies now demand that talent professionals have an elevated fluency in inclusive hiring practices and business operations, which requires the ability to set key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with greater company objectives. This also turns greater attention to the technologies that TA teams need to gather and analyze their data, as their goals may be misinformed if founded on incomplete or inconsistent data.

In this eBook, you’ll find:

  • The five recruiting KPIs that you can track to optimize recruitment performance
  • Industry benchmarks so you can see how you measure up
  • Tips for understanding your results
  • Actionable advice to help you get closer to achieving hiring goals

5 KPIs to Make Hiring Your Strategic Business Advantage


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