What is programmatic advertising? This might be the first question that comes to mind upon hearing the term. The definition might be simpler than you thought, and so is implementing it into your recruitment strategy.

At this intimate speaker and networking breakfast event exclusively for in-house recruiters and HR professionals, we discussed programmatic advertising with Rob Prince from Talent Nexus. Programmatic advertising will provide you the data you need to make better choices about your recruitment advertising; which roles to prioritise, what approaches might be better, which job boards to use – to name but a few. Through our interactive discussions, we gained valuable insights into the opportunities offered by programmatic advertising, while demystifying some of the common misconceptions surrounding it.

Who Spoke

Rob Prince,
Client Services Director

Event Partner:

Talent Nexus believe that the recruitment world needs an injection of fresh, innovative thinking.  They are a full-service marketing agency that help connect organisations with the best talent.  They deliver market-leading recruitment marketing, always backed up by exceptional customer service.



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