The GC Index: Creating a Language of Impact

The GC Index is an assessment that views candidates holistically using state-of-the-art technology. The GC Index gathers data in order to drive the best and most informed decisions, as well as driving innovation and creating an impact.

We interviewed Nathan Ott, chief polisher at the GC Index and Jo Lewis, talent director at TM Forum and discussed how they have been working together. In our discussions with Jo and Nathan, we began with considering the solutions offered by the GC Index, namely; its capacity to show the impact individuals can make in an organisation. This has helped them at the TM Forum to shortlist the top candidates. Other topics discussed included: how the GC Index has helped to improve employer branding, how the profiles are able to evolve over time, maximising each individuals’ strengths & many more.

To delve into some of the rich insights we obtained, take a look at the videos below!


“The GC Index® is a technology based organimetric that is increasing global knowledge, wealth and harmony by creating impactful collaboration.”

For more information about the GC Index and how it can help to make an impact in your organisation, click here.

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