[Podcast] Building the Future Workforce: Life After Lockdown

In this podcast episode, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin and Richard Bradley of Kelly Services, discuss ways to adapt the workforce for a future of ambiguity. Fortunately, recruiters are no strangers to adapting swiftly to current trends – the current predicament simply requires an even sharper approach. So, what can you do to pave the way towards greater clarity?

Richard Bradley

Managing Director UK&I

Kelly Services

The changes brought to daily life by Covid-19 are expansive and continue to bring new challenges as the national lockdown continues. With the repercussions affecting people and organisations in extremely different ways, there is undeniably a huge amount of concern surrounding the future of work. Some questions will remain unanswered for the foreseeable future, but what recruiters can do is start making preparations based on what we can predict.

While times of such change obviously invite feelings of vulnerability, there are actually a number of positives to take from this new way of working that many of us have taken on. Working from home has encouraged teams to take on much more effective communication skills, as well as clearly defining each person’s responsibilities by aligning them with the overall business goals. Working more collaboratively helps to instil people with a sense of purpose and a clearly defined idea of their impact within work.

In a world where remote work is becoming the new norm, technology prevails more than ever. We asked about how exactly technology can be used to facilitate the TA process. The first stage is to assess your existing process so that you can best understand which aspects of it can and should be automated. It is crucial to strike a balance between automation and personal touch – knowing the right stage at which to have human intervention will help to ensure a better overall candidate experience than one which is totally tech-dominated.

The importance of talent acquisition teams cannot be understated, and their capacity to operate within companies might be the make-or-break factor for the future of those organisations when markets return. Data and insights can be used to enforce the value of talent attraction teams, and how intrinsic they are to the long-term growth of corporations. With the landscape of recruitment evolving at such a rapid rate, talent acquisition specialists are imperative in ascertaining these new trends and altering the recruitment process accordingly.

The challenge is not necessarily so much in knowing where the talent is, but in actually engaging with it. In a time where many people are struggling with the uncertainty, your employer branding can be a vital tool in extending that level of reassurance needed to spark that engagement with potential candidates. Check out the full podcast to find out how you can engage with candidates, and what to expect from the future of talent acquisition!

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