[Podcast] Talent Attraction Now & In The Future

In this podcast episode, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin and Amazon’s Modiara Kamps discuss ways to enhance your employer brand and talent attraction strategy in today’s uncertain climate. Having an understanding of the key trends, most notably – candidate behaviours, will help you to make strides and maintain a strong talent pool.

Employer branding and talent attraction marketing expert Modiara Kamps from Amazon shared some of her expertise in our recent podcast. Navigating in today’s uncertain climate means knowing who to target and building an employer brand which resonates with top candidates. Talent attraction is marketing, so knowing your audience is key.

It’s really important to realise that people will remember your brand based on how you treat your employees today.”

With the landscape of recruitment and talent attraction evolving at an unprecedented rate, the current situation poses a unique set of challenges. Organisations across the nation are being closely watched and will be remembered for how they treated their employees during the pandemic.

This places pressure on recruiters to be more conscious than ever of their employer branding and overall approach to talent attraction. It also poses an opportunity to showcase existing employees and share content which reflects positively the experience of working within your company. Making use of your current employees and proudly showcasing your workplace helps to reach out to potential hires on an emotional level, appealing to them on a deeper level than just listing the more material perks of working there. People love perks, but in order to fully engage with a new role and company, there has to be a greater level of substance which you can communicate to them through your employer branding and the talent already at your disposal.

How do you effectively engage with the five different generations which currently take up the workforce? It goes without saying that different generations require a different talent attraction strategy. This does not need to be a stab in the dark though, there are a range of insights out there which can help you target these groups; ascertaining their media preferences and which communication style might best appeal to them. Setting up a strategy which helps you to stay aligned with the candidate experience such as asking for feedback will further help to maintain a really strong level of engagement with those in your talent pool. Your communication style can be both data-driven and authentic, maintaining a sense of personal touch that inevitably will keep candidates engaged. Take a listen to the full podcast to get a full insight on these topics from Modiara, and expand your understanding of talent attraction in today’s climate.

We partnered with Indeed.co.uk to speak with some influential Talent Acquisition Teams, delving into some of the key challenges, opportunities and key trends to be aware of in 2020, specifically surrounding Talent Attraction, Retention, and Upskilling.

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